Khamsin, a SketchUp Plugin for CFD Modelling

What is it?

Khamsin, a SketchUp Plugin for CFD Modelling, is a new paradigm in the Computational Fluid Dynamic world. It brings together a number of CFD tools and solvers straight within the powerful SketchUp 3D environment. Khamsin allows for the definition of all parameters of the CFD simulation directly within SketchUp.

You know SketchUp. 
Why should you learn another interface?

We believe that Khamsin offers unmatched rapidity in the definition of CFD analyses through a mash-up of SketchUp and CFD tools and solvers. Have a look at the videos to get a better understanding of Khamsin.

Where does the name come from?

"The Khamsin is an hot, dry and dusty south or south-east wind occurring in N. Africa, around the E Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula intermittently in late winter and early summer, but most frequently between April and June.", Source: Wind of the World,

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